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Lithium-ion batteries can no longer be carried on passenger flights

22 February 2016

  This temporary decision has been taken by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on February, 21st 2016 following the request of several airlines and pilots unions. It should enter into force by April, 1st 2016. New packing requirements should be implemented in 2018. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, the Asiana Airlines 747F crash in 2011 was the direct consequence of the bad conditioning of these batteries. Other incidents linked to these Lithium-ion batteries occurred and forced several companies to stop their carriage. Considerations to note> The carry-on...

Sum up of the new SOLAS regulation, the Verified Gross Mass

03 February 2016

Verification of the gross mass of packed containers, a mandatory transmission from July, 1st 2016 Implementation: July, 1st 2016 Concept : all packed containers’ gross mass should be verified prior to stowage aboard ship. Objectives: to protect ports infrastructures, vessels, trucks and to ensure the safety of the dockers, seamen and drivers. Containers involved: standard, tank, flat rack & bulk (Ro-Ro are not involved for short international voyages*) The party in charge of measuring the Verified Gross Mass: The shipper. The party for whom the measuring is intended: the shipping company/its...

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